Saturday, March 6, 2010

Telkom Business Ethic

The Company policy requires the work ethic of each employee to understand TELKOM's vision and mission with seven key values: honesty, transparency, commitment, cooperation, discipline, care and responsibility.

Employees encouraged to explore five key behaviors that strech the goals (achieve a higher target), simplify (efficiency and effectiveness of the way work), involve everyone (build collaboration and synergy), quality is my jobs (high priority) and reward the winner (to respect
and self esteem).

To strengthen the implementation of the Company Business Ethics, strengthening the soul
l'esprit de corps and at the same time build a climate of learning among healthy employees, made some revisions, so expected formation of understanding and unity of motion in all
aspects as well as corporate functions on an ongoing basis.

TELKOM has also developed a policy of comprehensive business ethics that encourages employees to understand and practice the principles of transparency, independence, accountability, responsibility and fairness in routine activities. Business ethics policy provides
guide how the Company, management and employees to behave and associated with other parties. Policies provide directe in how employees behave in maintaining a good relationship
with regulators and other stakeholders, and to develop practices a healthy business and transparent.

Business Ethics lmplementation policy through Procession at Patriot 135 or Prosessi known as SP-135 that carried out one times a week on Wednesdays for 30 minutes and held at the beginning of working hours at the work site. Unit Leaders provide direction and monitoring of SP-135 the previous month and every date of every month 5 Leader reported the results of monitoring units to Director of Human Capital.